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Make A Difference

Welcome to the dawn of business reimagined. The day of mindful leadership, impact and triple bottom line has arrived. From Larry Flink’s Blackrock Purpose & Profit letter to 200 CEOs declaring shareholder value is no longer their main objective, it’s no longer business as usual.  We’re doing our small part in our corner of the world to give back and we believe you can to! We can all start somewhere.  Purpose Harvest Summit is an event fueled by purpose. The founders donate their time to produce the summit each year and do so because it matters. Here’s their why: This…

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9 Questions to Spark Innovation

Mindset, skill set, culture, funding and more are vital to the success of innovation endeavors. Are you or your organization asking the right questions to spark innovation?  We tapped Helene Cahen, founder of Strategic Insights to outline 9 questions to help you. Find out about unblockers, pirates and zombie projects below – insights collected from her discussions and experiences with clients and perspectives gleaned from speakers at other innovation conferences. At Harvest Summit this fall Helene will be one of the experts offering her consulting time during our Innovation Office Hours. More about her background and expertise below. These questions…

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