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99 Innovators Forbes Forgot and The Apologies

The Forbes 100 list of innovators with only 1 woman named elicited a collective WTF moment this week. The added rub, one of the men behind the list ranking methodology is slated to lead a workshop at Harvest Summit next month to help our invited delegate leaders rank their own Innovator’s DNA. Buckle up and read on.  WAVE OF LISTS First, shout out to our community of innovators who quickly threw a flag on the field and issued their own lists. Here’s just one example: Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@claire) was part of our founding Harvest Summit program and is considered one…

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Moms Who Lead

This Mother’s Day we celebrate the working moms across the globe who juggle the demands of career and family, and let’s be real, it isn’t glamorous or for the faint of heart. The art of prioritizing, multitasking and mindfulness requires daily practice and fine tuning. We reached out to two powerful working moms to get their real perspective. Carolyn Rodz has helped raise billions of dollars of capital for innovative organizations, created a luxury retail line that sold in over 400 stores worldwide, and later launched a global marketing firm that supported specialty product launches within Fortune 500 enterprises and startups positioning…

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