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Cooking up a social impact

More chefs are getting actively involved in issues facing the industry – from supporting small farms and reducing food waste to raising wages and giving back to the communities that support them.  We sat down with Harvest Summit advisory board member Chef Dustin Valette of Valette restaurant to get his take given he’s expanding his mark on the culinary scene in Northern California with the creation of The Matheson and Roof 106. What led you to expand? Our new location, The Matheson, was created as a place for our community and visitors alike to come together and share in the…

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It’s been said doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. So why keep going to the same old conferences and expect a different result? The model is broken. Hotel ballroom + panels + rubber chicken lunch + grin and grab = lame experience and marginal results at best. We believe there’s a better way. Get out and get real. For executive leaders in particular, conferences are more of a PR strategy than an authentic learning and networking experience. It’s a speaking opp. Executives arrive and have a handler escort…

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