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Make A Difference

Welcome to the dawn of business reimagined. The day of mindful leadership, impact and triple bottom line has arrived. From Larry Flink’s Blackrock Purpose & Profit letter to 200 CEOs declaring shareholder value is no longer their main objective, it’s no longer business as usual.  We’re doing our small part in our corner of the world to give back and we believe you can to! We can all start somewhere.  Purpose Harvest Summit is an event fueled by purpose. The founders donate their time to produce the summit each year and do so because it matters. Here’s their why: This…

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Say Goodbye to Cheap Conference Swag

We did a little a fist pump when we read Elizabeth Segran’s “It’s time to stop spending billions on cheap conference swag” article this year in Fast Company Magazine. We couldn’t agree more.  At Harvest Summit not only are we mindful of the environmental impact of giving away a bag stuffed with useless junk that will end up in the landfill, we’re focused on offering our invited delegates a transformative experience. We realize our delegates will remember the Harvest Summit experience long after a swag bag item finds its way to a landfill.  This is why we offer morning meditation,…

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