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99 Innovators Forbes Forgot and The Apologies

The Forbes 100 list of innovators with only 1 woman named elicited a collective WTF moment this week. The added rub, one of the men behind the list ranking methodology is slated to lead a workshop at Harvest Summit next month to help our invited delegate leaders rank their own Innovator’s DNA. Buckle up and read on.  WAVE OF LISTS First, shout out to our community of innovators who quickly threw a flag on the field and issued their own lists. Here’s just one example: Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@claire) was part of our founding Harvest Summit program and is considered one…

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Harvest Summit In The News

We are just one week away from Harvest Summit, and people are talking about our upcoming Innovation Field Trip.  Check out Harvest Summit Founder Jessica Kilcullen’s tips for conference networking in Avery Blank’s piece in Forbes.  Have you ever thought about your conference networking strategy in advance of attending? Don’t forget the downtime, including bathroom breaks.  “The time between sessions at a conference can be some of the most valuable networking time you have at an event.” Wondering what Wine Country Casual means and what to wear to an event being hosted outside?  Read on!  

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