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The experience is everything

Long after a trip, an event, a tasting or dinner, it’s the experience you remember. It’s why companies like Airbnb offer “experiences,” why tasting rooms are switching to seated engagement and chefs engineer your flow the moment you walk in the door. The stakes are high to get your attention, serve up a lasting experience and retain your engagement. The tourism industry that supports these experiences is one of the largest industries in the world. Here in Sonoma County, CA it’s $2.175 billion opportunity. At Harvest Summit you’ll have the rare opportunity to share a one-of-a-kind experience  with chefs and…

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Belden Barns: Wine, Farming & Innovation

INTERESTED IN JOINING US THIS NOVEMBER?  NOMINATE YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE.  WHO WILL BE THERE IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS WHAT WE’LL DISCUSS.   Sonoma County is home to many weekend warriors who enjoy the farm fresh food, bucolic landscape, relaxed style, cycling, rugged coast, artist culture and fine wines. Aside from owning second homes, a growing number of weekend warriors are drawn to the vineyards and become winegrowers. A brave few set out to make their own wines and create experiences. Nate and Lauren Belden did just that. In 2004, while still toiling away at his city job, Nate spent…

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