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Adventuring in the name of Science

As the Amazon burns from fires set by illegal loggers, we can think of no better time to shine a light on the work done by Adventure Scientists. The organization provides an innovative method to collect scientific data from around the world by uniting explorers and scientists. They train and partner with explorers around the globe to get scientists the data they need at scale to address critical challenges to the environment and human health. We caught up with Marcus Pearson, Director of Program Investments and General Counsel of Adventure Scientists, to get his take on the challenges and opportunities…

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Innovating Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela Inspiring the next generation of innovators and doers is something we’re always thinking about. There’s a 10 year old out there right now that just might change the world. What they experience, how they learn, who guides them and what opportunities they have could change everything.    As millions of children head back to school, we reached out to check in with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and chat with Sara Allen who leads the foundation’s K-12 education research to evaluate promising models…

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Bringing Big Data to Wine

Join us at Harvest Summit this October, read about the Harvest Summit experience and apply to attend here. If you’re not Hungry for Wine you will be after reading Cathy Huyghe’s dynamic, thought provoking insight both on her Enolytics blog and her Forbes column. Cathy has a long history of innovation in both wine and media. She is co-founder of Enolytics (2016) a new data analysis tech startup for the wine industry, the founder of Harvard Alumni in Wine and Food (2009), and the founder of (2006) and Red White Boston (2008), a digital media company for the wine industry.…

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