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The Rise of Content Studios

There’s a new chief in town. The Chief Content Officer. As newsrooms and media companies scale back and realign their structures to stay in business, the rise of content studios at agencies and in-house is booming. Marketers and PR leaders are now publishers, video producers and content creators because paid and earned media aren’t enough to win the awareness and engagement game anymore.  At the core of this boom is storytelling. A good story moves people. At Harvest Summit you’ll learn the storytelling and content studio philosophy behind industry leader Salesforce and get insider perspective from one cutting edge agency…

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12 signs of a healthy work culture

The world’s best innovators are PEOPLE, from entrepreneurs and executives to ordinary managers. How they collaborate, communicate and work with others can either foster innovation or kill it. Is your team or company culture fostering or killing innovation? Here are 12 signs to look for courtesy of Saeed Mirfattah, M.A., CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach®), Conscious Coaching Alliance.  At Harvest Summit this fall Saeed will be one of the experts offering his consulting time during our Innovation Office Hours. More about his background and expertise below. “The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas; it’s…

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Dear executive leader, I dare you to take a vacation

Summer is here. June arrives with graduations, moving on ceremonies and the first days of camp. The days are long, the sun’s out and you have work to do – leading your company, managing budgets, setting KPIs, measuring progress. Taking a summer vacation should be one of your KPIs. You set the tone. While you may pride yourself on your hard work and dedication, research suggests you will actually work harder, perform better and have better health, stamina and happiness for your work if you take time off. As executives you likely feel the pressure to always be on. It’s…

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