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Say Goodbye to Cheap Conference Swag

We did a little a fist pump when we read Elizabeth Segran’s “It’s time to stop spending billions on cheap conference swag” article this year in Fast Company Magazine. We couldn’t agree more. 

At Harvest Summit not only are we mindful of the environmental impact of giving away a bag stuffed with useless junk that will end up in the landfill, we’re focused on offering our invited delegates a transformative experience. We realize our delegates will remember the Harvest Summit experience long after a swag bag item finds its way to a landfill. 

This is why we offer morning meditation, break out sessions outside, rare wines poured by winemakers, and a gifting suite featuring everything from jewelry made from recycled wine barrels, organic cosmetics, sunscreen and socks developed to help those in need, to gardening tools and reusable water bottles. We give our invited delegates the ability to shop for what they actually want instead of handing them a pre-stuffed tote bag which we know they’ll dump out later and likely throw out half of the promotional items. 


We also don’t believe in forcing people to carry stuff around all day. We open our gifting suite at the end of the day. It’s all these little things that add up to an experience like no other. Central to all our decisions in creating the Harvest Summit experience is our customer, our invited delegates. We think a lot about what’s beneficial, important and easier for them to get the most out of the experience given they’re giving us one of their most valuable assets – their time and attention. 


Say Hello to Impact

In years past we included brightly colored and inspiring Yoobi school items in our gifting suite. We were all in to give this 1:1 brand exposure and share their mission with our delegates. This year we’re taking it a step further. 

We’ve decided our delegates don’t need another cool Yoobi notebook or pen and we know children who do. On behalf of our delegates, we’re gifting hundreds of elementary kids in need fun Yoobi class packs. Giving underprivileged kids school supplies extends our gifting suite experience beyond the 2 days of Harvest Summit and exemplifies our brand essence to make the world a better place. Imagining an elementary school kid gaining creative confidence or dreaming up an idea in one of our notebooks gives us all the feels. *Follow us on social @harvestsummit to see the impact!

Have a product or service you think we should feature in our gifting suite?

Tell us. Contact We love to cultivate relationships with sponsor partners who understand the value of shared experiences and benefit from offering their products or services to our delegates. Let’s make a difference together, one less cheap swag item at a time.

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