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The Rise of Content Studios

There’s a new chief in town. The Chief Content Officer. As newsrooms and media companies scale back and realign their structures to stay in business, the rise of content studios at agencies and in-house is booming. Marketers and PR leaders are now publishers, video producers and content creators because paid and earned media aren’t enough to win the awareness and engagement game anymore. 

At the core of this boom is storytelling. A good story moves people. At Harvest Summit you’ll learn the storytelling and content studio philosophy behind industry leader Salesforce and get insider perspective from one cutting edge agency launching a content studio to help its clients generate new levels of awareness and engagement.

Here’s a sneak peak of insights from VSC founder Vijay Chattha.

What is VSC?

In short; Visibility + Strategy + Creativity. 

I started the firm as a former tech founder who realized that startups are so maniacally focused on their product that they end up really sucking at storytelling. So after we sold our company in the late 90s, we started helping other companies solve this challenge. 

The best startups are built to solve a problem the founders themselves have faced – and it’s no different with VSC. We’re basically a media relations and content marketing boutique firm that specializes in solving problems by telling great stories. 

We pride ourselves on being a band of strategists, storytellers and data nerds obsessed with helping Davids crush a sea of Goliaths, through unfair amounts of awareness.

Why do founders need storytelling?

Stories inspire people. Stories provide context for the problems that founders are looking to solve. Stories have the power to convince other people to be as passionate as you are.

What kind of marketing mix do startups need? And how has that changed over the years? 

PESO. Paid, earned, social and owned. 

If you mix these marketing strategies together, you win. Most startups don’t know where to start, what to spend and how to measure, and that’s where we come in and concoct on our special brew of these aspects to fit their needs. 

Why is content becoming more important? 

Because it’s easier than ever to distribute and consume it, and because other forms of marketing are limiting. Media relations is the best marketing you can do, but it’s not enough on its own, and it’s harder than ever to sustain. People have also become desensitized to advertising, so interesting marketing content that can capture the audience’s attention solves an information gap or curiosity, while also influencing a purchase decision. 

What is VSC Studio?

VSC Studio is like an ad agency built for the 2020s. We engineer messages and content – then distribute it with surgical accuracy to a target audience. 

How do you see yourself working with internal marketing resources and leadership?

We’re their secret weapon. We still get most of our business because of our strong media relations reputation but we’re evolving to help solve internal marketing teams’ problems with whatever tools we have at our disposal. 

They’re generally surprised and delighted when they realize that we want to solve problems with a diverse set of tools and formats; and not just shoe-horn everything into a press strategy. 

Do you have any results to share? 

Tons, but we measure results in different ways than a traditional brand campaign. We used to care about downloads, orders, web visits and reach, but the way we evaluate success is changing. Today’s KPIs include inbound recruiting, venture capital interest, business development and reducing purchase consideration timing and website bounce rate. 

Our companies have raised over $720m in venture capital in the past 12 months and our awareness programs are major contributors to that effort. 

We’re now at over 110 agency awards for a variety of amazing companies such as Gametime, Clearbanc, Honeybook, Zume Inc, and Deserve. We will continue to update our results here

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