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Inside a Chief-Innovation Officer’s World with Ben Brenton, Snap-on-Tools

Wonder what a Chief Innovation Officer thinks about? Here’s a look. As a leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of tools, diagnostics and equipment solutions for professional users, Snap-on-Tools is constantly innovating under the direction of Chief Innovation Officer Ben Brenton. Ben holds a Ph.D in Food Sciences and Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts and was director of innovation for the Frito-Lay Convenience Foods division of PepsiCo before his tenure at Snap-On. In 2009 he launched Innovation Works!, a physical center for innovation at Snap-on’s office in Kenosha Wisconsin. We sat down with him to talk tools, what’s happening…

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Wayne Chang on Entrepreneurship

How do entrepreneurs do it? Our delegates will find out at Harvest Summit and hear from transformative entrepreneurs and one wildly successful entrepreneur in particular who has done it over and over. Wayne Chang’s last company, Crashlytics, was acquired by Twitter in its largest acquisition at the time. He has been involved in notable startups such as JetSmarter, Dropbox, Napster, and others, now valued at over $10 billion.  If anyone understands the entrepreneurial mindset it’s Wayne. He’s a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. We sat down with Wayne to see what he’s up to next and how he uses mentorship…

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An AI Insider’s Guide to the Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting a lot of attention these days. We too are intrigued by the possibilities (our founder uses an AI assistant) and we feel it’s important to level set the definition of AI and explore how it can be used for good – from testing, researching and beating cancer to solving poverty. We’ll dig in at Harvest Summit on AI for good and it’s impact on the future of work in juxtaposition to the fears and dangers. Just this week Elon Musk and more than 100 leaders and experts in AI came together urging the UN to…

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#womenintech: Vicky Colf, CTO, Warner Bros.

Vicky Colf is a woman to watch in technology and entertainment. As Chief Technology Officer of Warner Bros. she leads a newly created business unit encompassing all technology strategy, operations, and solutions for the entertainment giant.  Leading at the intersection of technology and entertainment as a woman is exactly why we asked Vicky to speak in our breakout session on diversity – to explore the reality of our culture, recent news, what’s working and what’s not in closing the gender gap and making the organizations of today and tomorrow inclusive and diverse. We caught up with her recently to learn…

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A Taste of True Farm-to-Table

As a chef and restaurateur, I’m often asked about the next trend, the next big innovation in food – whether it’s cooking techniques, flavor combinations, new ingredients – even food/epicurean apps (and watch this space, I have a few ideas marinating there!). In my career, I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go – from the explosive big concepts that quickly crashed and burned, to the good ideas that you wish could have lasted but fizzled. But, hey, that’s what trends are: a steady roll of what’s next. I’m always open to new techniques and ingredients: anything that will…

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Bringing Big Data to Wine

Join us at Harvest Summit this October, read about the Harvest Summit experience and apply to attend here. If you’re not Hungry for Wine you will be after reading Cathy Huyghe’s dynamic, thought provoking insight both on her Enolytics blog and her Forbes column. Cathy has a long history of innovation in both wine and media. She is co-founder of Enolytics (2016) a new data analysis tech startup for the wine industry, the founder of Harvard Alumni in Wine and Food (2009), and the founder of (2006) and Red White Boston (2008), a digital media company for the wine industry.…

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Becoming Thoughtfully Ruthless with Val Wright

Join Val at Harvest Summit this October, read about the Harvest Summit experience and apply to attend here. We are thrilled to welcome Val Wright back to our Harvest Council for our second annual Harvest Summit.  Val is a card carrying member of the #harvestsummit community, a leading innovation expert, and one of only 64 experts inducted into Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame.  With her unique mix of passions, from leadership consulting to writing (she is the author of Thoughtfully Ruthless: The Key to Exponential Growth) to speaking she embodies the cross pollination spirit of Harvest Summit. Val left a successful career at…

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Read About the Harvest Summit Experience

Did you join us last week for the inaugural Harvest Summit?  If you were one of the 300 lucky attendees thank you for being a part of a special first time event.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  Couldn’t make it?  Make sure you are on our mailing list, we have announced our dates for next year, October 20, 2017.  Be a part of Harvest Summit 2017! Attendee and speaker Sandy Carter shares her top 12 observations from the event, Shawn Nason shares his top 10 takeaways including what he learned from Harvest Summit Keynote speaker…

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Harvest Summit In The News

We are just one week away from Harvest Summit, and people are talking about our upcoming Innovation Field Trip.  Check out Harvest Summit Founder Jessica Kilcullen’s tips for conference networking in Avery Blank’s piece in Forbes.  Have you ever thought about your conference networking strategy in advance of attending? Don’t forget the downtime, including bathroom breaks.  “The time between sessions at a conference can be some of the most valuable networking time you have at an event.” Wondering what Wine Country Casual means and what to wear to an event being hosted outside?  Read on!  

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Claire Diaz-Ortiz Talks Productivity and How to Lead The Better Life

INTERESTED IN JOINING US THIS NOVEMBER?  NOMINATE YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE.  WHO WILL BE THERE IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS WHAT WE’LL DISCUSS. Claire Diaz-Ortiz is one of those women who seems to have figured it out. She’s a productivity, work/life guru. She was an early employee at Twitter, Inc. and was named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company, working with brands around the globe to understand and leverage Twitter to make a difference. She’s a six-time author (Twitter for Good), speaker and startup advisor. Yes, you’ll want to follow her @Claire. She’s also a LinkedIn…

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