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Welcome to the dawn of business reimagined. The day of mindful leadership, impact and triple bottom line has arrived. From Larry Flink’s Blackrock Purpose & Profit letter to 200 CEOs declaring shareholder value is no longer their main objective, it’s no longer business as usual. 

We’re doing our small part in our corner of the world to give back and we believe you can to! We can all start somewhere. 


Harvest Summit is an event fueled by purpose. The founders donate their time to produce the summit each year and do so because it matters. Here’s their why:

This is personal.

We are just like you. We are busy. We are hyper connected. 

We have built and transformed brands. We are passionate about the craft of innovation and its impact on technology, media, entertainment, sustainability and the next generation of food and viticulture. We believe in the power of smart minds who can accelerate the pace of change and elevate the state of the art.

We believe face-to-face connections and the cross-pollination of ideas will continue to change the world. It matters for our businesses, the future of work, our communities, our children and our planet.

Figure out your why and bake in impact

Central to all our decisions in creating the Harvest Summit experience is our customer, our invited delegates. We think a lot about what’s beneficial, important and easier for them to get the most out of the experience given they’re giving us one of their most valuable assets – their time and attention. Instead of asking them to give back, we do it for them. Win, win.

What we do to make an impact in our community 

In years past we included brightly colored and inspiring Yoobi school items in our gifting suite. We were all in to give this 1:1 brand exposure and share their mission with our delegates. We donated whatever was left over to kids in need. This year we’re taking that even further.

We figure our delegates don’t need another cool Yoobi notebook or pen and we know children who do. On behalf of our delegates, we’re gifting hundreds of elementary kids in need fun Yoobi class packs. Giving underprivileged kids school supplies extends our gifting suite experience beyond the 2 days of Harvest Summit and exemplifies our brand essence to make the world a better place. Imagining an elementary school kid gaining creative confidence or dreaming up an idea in one of our donated notebooks gives us all the feels.

Another partner is Bombas, a sock manufacturer that follows the 1:1 model. For every pair of socks purchased from Bombas a pair is donated to the homeless. We followed their lead and for every 1 pair of socks we offered in our gifting suite 1 pair was donated to those in need in Sonoma County. Small shifts make a difference:

“I had the pleasure today of delivering the socks. What excitement! We are so grateful to have received these socks. A new pair of socks for our people is such a gift, but if you’ve ever tried Bomba’s you know that they are a special treat. We distribute them at our Nightingale Center for the folks who have been discharged from the hospital and have nowhere to go to recuperate and then prioritize our expectant mothers at the Family Support Center. I guarantee you that they will be used and appreciated. Thank you so much for thinking of Catholic Charities.” Margie Pettibone, Director of Advancement, Catholic Charities

May we all take a step in reimagining business. It matters. 

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