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What are you doing Friday, October 19th?

Take a look at your calendar on Friday 19 October.

Where are your meetings taking place?

Who are you in conversations with?

What will your view look like?

The most successful executives ruthlessly look ahead at their calendar and delete, decline, and dump meetings and commitments that don’t inspire them or improve the probability of them hitting their goals.

So, for Friday October 19, are you having conversations in a vineyard overlooking acres of beautiful Sonoma County? Are you planning to get out of your usual networking bubble and meet executives from different industries and functions?

If you would like to join an innovation field trip with Harvest Summit, now in its third year of bringing executives together to debate, discuss, and share ideas away from conference rooms, formal presentations, and typical present and listen formats. There are still a small handful of tickets remaining.

My research and observations of remarkable, brilliant, and mediocre executives over the last 27 years proves that it isn’t the economy, your competition, or your technology that will allow you to exceed your goals, it is how you spend your time, energy, and resources. I call that being Thoughtfully Ruthless, and if you join Harvest Summit next week, you will receive a complimentary copy of my book Thoughtfully Ruthless: The Key to Exponential Growth.

Want to talk before you commit to attending? I’ve been on the Advisory Board of Harvest Summit since its inception three years ago. Send me an email (val@valwrightconsulting) or a text, 206 321 7511, and I’ll happily tell you more about it, (I’m not on commission!), my intention here is to help you make the right decision of where you spend your time next Friday. Ask me anything!

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