Great things are coming

Like a movie, the story arc, right actors and setting make all the difference. At Harvest Summit we are producing the stories that matter to you. How you think, innovate, operate, raise capital, architect change, make a social impact, live, eat, reboot and transform. We have an exciting line up in store for 2017, If we had a trailer to give you a Harvest Summit preview it would include social entrepreneurs riffing with music industry change agents, VCs sharing what they are thinking about, with tops chefs and scientists talking about your DNA and nutrition. Here's a look at last year:

November 4, 2016

7:15 am
Early Morning Meditation
Begin centered with a guided meditation.
7:45 am
Breakfast & Registration
Eat local. Breakfast provided in partnership with Back to the Roots, Taylor Maid Farms Coffee, and Alvarado Street Bakery.
8:30 am
Big Barn Kickoff
8:30 am
Setting the Stage
Jessica Kilcullen, Founder, Harvest Summit
8:40 am
Moon Shots
The architecture of incremental and exponential thinking, tinkering and teamwork to create something that’s never existed in the world before.
9:05 am
Hacking Cancer
Innovation engineered to save lives. Fighting cancer requires real collaboration, ambitious research fueled in part by big data and an interdisciplinary approach.
9:35 am
Networking Break
Think. Talk. Taste.
10:00 am
Discussion Sessions
Choose the discussion you most want to participate in, or wander through a couple, no signup necessary.


The process and framework to create your innovation action plan.


Explore how social impact is becoming core to missions everywhere.


Discover how data can fuel innovative insight.


IoT business strategies. The proliferation of connected devices opens a rich supply of transformative data and insight.

Policy Hack-a-thon

Immigration Reform. Agriculture and technology workforce considerations.


Industry leaders discuss how they think about—and deliver—transformative vs. incremental growth.


The future of food.
11:15 am
Networking Switch Break
Think. Talk. Taste.
11:45 am
Discussion Sessions
Choose the discussion you most want to participate in, or wander through a couple, no signup necessary.


Super storytellers and leading brand stewards share the creative process.


An interactive, hands-on workshop with innovators and creators; what we can learn from the maker movement.

The Power of Women

The ROI of women in the workplace – diverse thinking and business impact.


Innovation without operational excellence doesn’t scale. Lessons learned from the trenches.


Serial entrepreneurs and founders share their journeys about their second acts and process of reinvention.


Packaged to sell. Branding for the savvy consumer.
1:00 pm
THINK. TALK. TASTE. Enjoy lunch as well as wine tasting and other local treats.
2:30 pm
Afternoon meditation.
2:30 pm
Discussion Sessions
Choose the discussion you most want to participate in, or wander through a couple, no signup necessary.


Fail fast. Fail forward. Hear from founders and investors on how to think about failure as part of the innovation continuum.


The generational mindset and cultural trends affecting digital marketing and beyond.


Blow your mind. What’s possible today with holographic computing, AR/VR and more.


Oceanic stability and times of drought the neuroscience of being around water.


The work life balancing act. Living simply to the fullest.


Learning as a Lifestyle. How to prepare kids for a constantly-changing world.


Good food, good health. Why quality, healthy food matters.
3:45 pm
Networking Switch Break
THINK. TALK. TASTE. Sample snacks and have a sip from local wineries
5:25 pm
Disruptors, Innovators and Makers
Disruptors, Innovators and Makers: How Great Stories are essential to propelling your ideas and inventions
5:55 pm
Jessica Kilcullen, Founder, Harvest Summit
6:00 pm
Innovation Happy Hour
7:30 pm
Evening Close

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