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Like a movie, the story arc, right actors and setting make all the difference. At Harvest Summit we are producing the stories that matter to you. How you think, innovate, operate, raise capital, architect change, make a social impact, live, eat, reboot and transform. We have an exciting line up in store for 2018, If we had a trailer to give you a Harvest Summit preview it would include social entrepreneurs riffing with music industry change agents, VCs sharing what they are thinking about, with tops chefs and scientists talking about your DNA and nutrition. Here's a look at last year:

November 10, 2017

7:30 am
Optional morning yoga and meditation to clear your mind and help you start refreshed.
8:00 am
Big Tent
Power up and connect. Registration opens.
Enjoy local organic goodness, coffee, tea and early networking with an inspiring community of delegates.
9:00 am
Big Tent
Blast off. Harvest Summit kick off in the big tent.
Explore the future of possible. Thought provoking main stage conversations.


Rising from the Ashes: Civic Crisis Management

The communities of Napa and Sonoma Counties faced the worst wildfires in California's history and much of the bay area was impacted with the poorest air quality ever recorded. Local officials now face a monumental clean-up, rebuild and revitalization effort. Leaders on the front lines share their innovation in action tactics and strategies. #SonomaStrong

Corporate Crisis Management

When we least expect it, crises arise. They may be natural disasters, security threats or a role model gone bad. How can and should your organization prepare, react and learn? And why does what you learn and how you react matter?

What’s possible?

Harnessing clean energy to create a healthier world—what we may wake up to one day.

Innovation Mindset

A deep dive into the mindset, toolset and skill set required to drive transformative growth. Strategies to inspire reinvention and steering your company toward holistic innovation.

AI and the Future of Work

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming our lives at home and at work. An inside view of how automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting the future of work.
10:30 am
Morning Recess. Think. Talk. Taste.
11:00 am
Break out sessions. Real conversations between leaders.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Thought provoking insights from advisors and investors who’ve worked with, funded and been successful entrepreneurs. Bring your problems, obstacles and challenges to get real time feedback on how to break out on your own or level up where you’re at.
Tent Pole


The narrative around diversity, inclusion and the gender gap is igniting a cultural shift. What is working and what is needed.

AI for Good

Power up. Brainstorm, debate and ideate solutions to advance the development and democratization of AI solutions that can harness AI for good – solving challenges related to poverty, hunger, health, education, the environment, and others.


Explore how leaders in sports & entertainment are connecting athletes, artists and organizations to fans in a 1:1, mobile first, on-demand, digital world, transforming the fan experience.


Explore the science of taste and flavor. What do we really know about what we eat and what happens to our bodies? We discuss assumptions of nutrition and the microbiome.
12:15 pm
Lunch. Think. Talk. Taste.

Demo and Discussion

Virtual technology innovations are poised to impact how we build, solve and play. Beyond the hype and investments, discover the incredible potential VR holds for the future across multiple industries by seeing for yourself one of the new technologies. Interact with the latest Social VR, learn what cutting edge companies are creating, and have some fun traveling to new landscape within a virtual environment. See how these technologies will are integrating into our business and personal lives.
2:00 pm
Pop Up Perspectives

The Dirt on Russian River Valley

Explore what makes the 150 square miles of the Russian River Valley AVA unique, discover the data proving the distinct neighborhood profiles and learn about sustainability, terroir and more.
Audi Lounge

Food & Wine Tech Perspectives

Hear from a leading Chef and cult winemaker how they are leveraging technology to enhance their craft and produce higher quality taste while reducing waste. Taste the innovation and hear what they are cooking up for the future.
2:45 pm
Conversation sessions. Be a part of the dialogue. Discussions with leaders…. And you.

Future of Transportation

How we move ourselves and our goods is in the midst of a groundswell of innovation both simple and transformative in impact. How will the planes, trains and automobiles of tomorrow impact your day, your industry?
Tent Pole


The future requires new talent with new skills. Hear from front line change makers rethinking, implementing and transforming America’s academic experience. Apply a new model for learning to your own life, company and industry.

State of Journalism

A conversation about award-winning investigative reporting from the source. What does the future might hold; insights on the future of journalism in the context of digital immediacy, fake news, increased media scrutiny and the rise of citizen journalism.


The way stories are told and consumed is changing. Hear from cross platform leaders how everything from VR, gaming and science to marketing, journalism and beyond are shaping the storytelling landscape.


The traditional 'take, make, dispose' model is no longer sustainable for the Earth or the bottom line. A circular design approach is emerging requiring a shift in mindset—designing closed loop systems instead of products with a lifecycle for a single user. The bigger picture and impact matters.
4:00 pm
Big Tent
Harvest Summit Finale.
Re-group, re-energize and be inspired to ignite the innovation that will impact you, your industry, company, team and the world.

Cancer moonshots

An inside look at what it takes to accelerate progress in cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, research, and care, and to reduce disparities in cancer outcomes.

Innovation Gone Nuclear

Hear how cross-sector collaboration combined with the sheer ingenuity of an engaged public is applied to combat the threat of nuclear weapons.


Take a moment to be present and grateful. It changes everything.

Making a Difference

Corporate social responsibility is no longer an afterthought. Learn how baking social impact into your company culture creates real and meaningful ROI.
5:30 pm
Innovation Happy Hour

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